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Depot management software Specialists
DepotManager; Container Depot Management applications
port management software Specialists
portManager; Container port Management applications
CBS Software's range of systems is designed to help your business gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Shipping Software Solutions

CBS Software’s range of depot management and port control software is designed to help your business gain a competitive advantage in the Shipping industry.

CBS Software specialises in bringing the best aspects of information technology to the shipping industry with a unique range of software applications such as container tracking and cargo tracking applications, depot management software and port control management software.

We have been developing depot management and port control software successfully since 1998 with prestigious customers including P&O Ports, Australian Amalgamated Terminals, Fiji Port Corporation Ltd, and the Samoan Port Authority.

Our shipping software solutions are currently installed in almost 20 sites throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Client Testimonials

"Over the years we have found Capitol Business Services to be an excellent business partner, their expertise is vital, they are flexible and meet the deadlines that are agreed."

"We look forward to continuing with our relationship and working closely with them for the forseeable future."

P&O Ports

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