One of our owners shares how he finds his inspiration, heightens his motivation and enhances his determination during these difficult times

Almost 22 years ago on August 5th, 1998 I landed at Kingsford Smith airport in Sydney after a 27-hr journey from my home in the North West of England.

Excited to be working as a support technician on an IT solution that was driving the change of processes of a major Australian container terminal operator.

Young, excited, and ambitious I could not wait to get started. Determined to make a success of my move, with dreams of moving up the company ladder, and maybe, just maybe one day owning the company.

What I never dreamed was that in my lifetime the entire world would be affected by such a global crisis as the coronavirus pandemic we are currently experiencing.

This is a virus that the whole world is fighting, we need to stand together to beat it.

Take note of what our respective governments are telling us and be ready for when life and business gets back to some sort of normality, and it will, that is the human way, the way we survive.

We need to find inspiration and motivation wherever we can during these times. There are good examples of people who have come through tough times. Worse times than these, stronger and more determined.


I take mine from my Granddad. A prisoner of war for 4 years during the second world war. Beaten and made to work building runways every day with hardly any food or water. Maybe if he was lucky, one of the locals felt sorry for him and gave him a banana.  He shared this with two of his fellow prisoners. The oldest being 21 years old.

At 26, just 18 months after the war had ended, he lost one of his legs in a motor vehicle accident.

Yet after all of that, he led a long successful life. There is always somebody who has been through more or is worse off.

Writing this takes me back to the times I spent with him. Unfortunately as I think now, not as many as I would have liked. Though what he has given me will always be there, the inspiration, motivation, and determination to be as good as I can be.

21 Years

I am proud that as a company for 21 years we have been there when our clients have needed us. In these critical and uncertain times when we are needed the most, we are still here.

Still on the other end of the phone, still a recipient of and responder to their emails, a sure friend in what are now very uncertain times.

Throughout the current crisis we have released updates to various modules within our Terminal Operating System and Depot Management System. With more to come very soon.

We are even implementing a full Terminal Operating System, remotely.

Still working with our clients to help them implement the social distancing rules currently necessary. Working with them to implement improved processes. Processes that will make them more efficient. Processes that will improve the way they work in future. Perhaps most important of all, processes that will help keep their staff and the public safe.

So, still excited, still ambitious, and ever more determined I wish you and your families all the best and please, stay safe

Mark Jenkin


PS. Still relatively young.