Terminal Operating System implementation results in 9 minute truck turnaround times, storage revenue increases by 400%, improved vessel operations and more motivated staff.

The PortManager Terminal Operating System from CBS Software is already giving Solomon Islands Ports Authority major benefits.

The PortManager TOS has already given us great benefits including major efficiency improvements in yard and vessel operations and greater revenue tracking. We are looking forward to seeing more in the near future. PortManager takes us further towards the goal of becoming a fully digital terminal.”

Eranda Kotelawala, CEO, Solomon Islands Ports Authority

We have been implementing our PortManager TOS for over 20 years. This experience and knowledge was critical during the implementation.

“Mark from CBS Software worked closely with our staff and successfully engaged outside stakeholders to implement the PortManager Terminal Operating System. Mark and his company really understand what is required to implement such a solution in the region.

Eranda Kotelawala, CEO, Solomon Islands Ports Authority

A Terminal Operating System will result in benefits to outside stakeholders for example Shipping Agents, Consignees and Logistics Companies.

We met them regularly to inform them of their new responsibilities and how they would benefit, as a result they were fully compliant with all requirements.

Shipping agents now get daily updates of containers entering and the departing the terminal, consignees efficient confirmation of when containers are ready for pickup, and shipping lines are able to receive industry standard messages.

“Implementing this type of solution can be a daunting one. However, with Mark leading the team, not only was the solution implemented efficiently and successfully, we were also able to implement new business processes that have benefitted not only us but our clients as well. We are looking forward to working with Mark and CBS Software in the future, to further improve our terminal.”

Ellison Pade, IT Manager, Solomon Islands Ports Authority

SIPA needed guidance with improvements to yard operations, vessel operations and general terminal processes. We used our knowledge of terminal processes to help with this.

The improved processes led to new positions being created, such as Ship Planners, Yard Planners and System Supervisor.

Importantly, the new positions were filled by SIPA current employees, giving them more responsibility and opening them up to exciting new roles.

“Before Mark came to implement PortManager I was a clerk at the terminal. During the PortManager implementation I was promoted to Ship Planner a major part of the team responsible for the efficient vessel operations. I can’t believe how much we have improved, and how much confidence Mark and this Terminal Operating System has given me personally.”

Jason Afia, Ship Planner, Solomon Islands Ports Authority

The greatest benefit and the key to long term success of a Terminal Operating System, is the way the staff feel and how motivated they are to continue down the path they have started on.

“The PortManager system has really improved our operations, we feel we have grown as a terminal, also as people since we started using PortManager. We know there are plans to implement even more modules, and we can’t wait….”

Emily Ohukeni – Newly Appointed TOS Supervisor, Solomon Islands Ports Authority

The above is a brief overview of what benefits SIPA have seen and how the successful implementation was achieved.

It is interesting to read the comments from the users and how it has improved their confidence.

This was a really enjoyable implementation and we are looking forward to working with SIPA for a long time to come.

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