Technology is Here to Stay

After the successful implementation of the CBS PortManager solution in Suva, Fiji, another Fijian terminal, Lautoka have also implemented the solution. The success of the implementation and the improvements seen within the terminal, since the implementation, are best left said by Ryan Foster (Senior User) at Lautoka.

“Firstly, I commend the Management of FPTL in creating a partnership with CBS in introducing Port Manager to the Fiji Ports. The introduction of Port Manager in LTK has seen a shift from manual to system planning which is more accurate, very efficient and easy to use.

The implementation here in LTK was a success with the team committing to a new system, this has since proved very successful for our operations team in planning yard allocations, shifting, identifying container locations in the Port. Then there’s the vessel planning after receiving cut-off. It’s as easy as clicking a container and dragging it to correct planned stow location for loading. Definitely beats having to count container by container on the load plan.

And being able to produce documents such as the scan plans, bay plans and Baplie files is like the icing on the cake. It makes our work so much easier for our planners and the operation team as a whole. Plan a vessel – print the plans – load as per plan. Port Manager has really improved our operations as a whole.”

The Lautoka terminal now also join Suva in being able to send automated EDI gate and vessel messages to container operators. There is no doubt that the PortManager implementation has improved efficiency of operations and client communication.