Secure, Online and Accessible critical container information 24 hours a day…

Due to increased container traffic and the now regular service to the QUBE Terminal Bell Bay in Tasmania, of the worlds largest container shipping company Maersk Line. The need for clients to be able to access secure, online, live container information became an urgent requirement.
Having a solution not only developed but implemented within the required timeframe would have been an impossible task.
CBS Software who have been a long term supplier to QUBE and are the company responsible for the development, support and maintaining their TOS (Terminal Operating System) where able to Help.
WebTrack is the client online portal that CBS Software have developed as a module of their PortManager TOS. With just some minor addition of “system hooks” into the QUBE TOS WebTrack could be integrated fully with the QUBE system.

WebTrack system at QUBE in Bell Bay really helps us a lot in checking containers that has really been loaded against such vessels.”

Maersk Customer Service (Export)

With WebTrack chosen as the solution CBS Software then contacted the QUBE clients to identify any reporting requests that may not already be included in the WebTrack portal. Once these minor changes were identified they were added into WebTrack and within 2 weeks WebTrack was fully implemented at the Bell Bay terminal.

A specific training video was produced and sent out to the QUBE clients which gave them a valuable resource whilst becoming familiar with the WebTrack portal.

QUBE clients now have access to their container information 24 hours a day for containers received, delivered, loaded and discharged.

WebTrack is helping QUBE clients such as Maersk increase their efficiency.

Ease of access to information availability with a click of the mouse in anytime of the day. With single data platform, both liner planners and terminal planners are aligned on same set of data. This promotes work efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day execution.”

Maersk Central Planner.

Contact CBS Software for more information about the WebTrack portal, the PortManager TOS and how we can help with other IT related solutions.